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Submissions are currently closed.

All submissions must be in English.
All contributors must include a short 3rd person biography in the body of the email. (Maximum 200 words). You may include links to writer's blogs/website if you wish.
Please save your work as your name and title of piece before you send it so we can identify the work easier. eg; 'John Smith The Common Name.doc'.
Please ensure that the subject of the email is your name and the title of your work.
Please do your best to proof your work before submission.
Please send fiction, nonfiction & poetry in a word document attachment and not in the body of the email.
Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

We do not have strict word count limits, and we would suggest reading previous issues to get an idea of the volume of work we usually publish. Poems as short as a few sentences may be as interesting to us as much longer works, and you may submit multiple pieces or one larger piece. For fiction, anything under 700 words should be sent to the flash fiction editor, and anything over 4000 is pushing it. Our editors will decide how much or how little of your work we want to include depending on the how it fits with the rest of that particular issue.

If you are submitting work as an Edge Hill student please include this information in your email.

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